About Us

IGCSE/GCSE Self Study and Revision Website

Hi there.

We are Daniel and Emma Hathaway and we home educate our 4 wonderful children Luke, Tyler, Leo and Rosie.

Dan has a love of all things Mathematical and has been a teacher/tutor for over 25 years.

We started home educating our children 12 years ago as they have medical conditions which were making attending school difficult and we saw what a difference it made to our children, so we decided to turn Dan’s love of Maths into our family business.

We now offer a self-study IGCSE/GCSE revision website at www.absolutemathsselfstudy.co.uk, KS3 and IGCSE/GCSE Mathematics, GCSE Statistics and AQA Level 2 Certificate in Further Mathematics Tutor-led online courses www.absolutemathscourses.co.uk.

We aim to have KS2, KS3 and A-level self-study websites as soon as we are able to.

Dan does all the tuition, Emma does all admin/accounts, Luke is our graphics expert/tester, Tyler also tests and is in charge of our Instagram account.. Our other children Leo and Rosie are taking our courses at the moment.

Thanks for your interest in what we do, please feel free to message us with any questions, we are always happy to help.

Thanks, Dan and Emma.