Absolute Maths Self Study

IGCSE/GCSE Self Study and Revision Website.

Absolute Maths provides revision and tuition for students to help them to achieve their goals in their IGCSE/ GCSE Mathematics exam.

The content on this site meets all of the requirements of the IGCSE and GCSE Mathematics curriculum.

Absolute Maths enables you to learn and revise the topics that you want to in any order or time frame.

Home Educated

Our website is ideal for those who are studying independently for their IGCSE/GCSE in Maths. You can use the videos and notes to support your learning and then use the worksheets to practice what you have learnt.

What exam boards do we cover?

Absolute Maths Self Study covers Edexcel IGCSE, Edexcel GCSE, AQA GCSE and OCR GCSE.


£21 for 3 months (equivalent to £7 per month)

£36 for 6 months (equivalent to £6 per month)

£60 for 12 months (equivalent to £5 per month)

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Our Online Courses

If you would like more information about our tutor led online courses featuring live or recorded tuition then please click on the link below.

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